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Jon Plutte is an award-winning exhibit designer and media producer. Presently working for the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, he has many years of experience working with the National Park Service and has completed a variety of independent projects, including a documentary video that was shown at Sundance and aired on PBS. He is also a musician and has an ongoing interest in game development, game technology, and the application of games in location-based entertainment and learning.
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Eileen Campbell, an exhibit developer and science writer, is presently working at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. She began her career at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and has since produced exhibits and interpretive media for public institutions of all sorts. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz' respected Science Communication program and spends time roaming local habitats, from the intertidal through the Delta to the high Sierra.
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Creative abilities:
A look at our project list shows award-winning exhibits and videos that combine innovative concepts with excellent execution. We are skilled storytellers, able to weave information into compelling presentations that give audiences an understanding beyond mere information.

Range of skills:
We possess a broad range of knowledge and skills, which means we approach your project with a full palette of potential approaches. The project itself will suggest the most effective communications strategy-be it exhibits, environments, print pieces, electronic media, or a mix-and we will be able to execute it.

As a smaller firm, our principals are able to pay direct attention to your project. At the same time, we can assemble whatever resources we need to complete sizable jobs.

From articulating a vision and goals through project production, we work closely with your team to make sure the product realizes your vision. We involve community groups and other users in the process to create experiences that reach and touch the audience.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate, not only with the audience but also with our clients.
Our products meet high standards, and we deliver them on schedule and budget.
We connect people with the world around them. Our job is to build bridges between the content and the audience. To do this takes knowledge, respect, and passion-for both the content and the audience. Using a range of communication tools, from words and images to forms, sounds, and spaces, we integrate project elements into a unified whole to bring people to new awareness.

You'll find examples of work we've completed separately and together in our portfolio and on the disk of media projects. See our individual resumes for additional projects and background. We look forward to talking with you about your project!

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